The DRVR Story - Driven by Passion

Like many of you, my life changed drastically when the pandemic first hit. During COVID I started playing golf, A LOT of golf. I had no idea of the life lessons you can learn on the course. Life can be challenging at times, golf helped me look at things with a whole new perspective. Personally I was at a cross roads with my career. Golf helped me
to choose a new path. Not only was I meeting incredible people with similar stories, I was looking at life with renewed zeal and purpose. On the way home from my local course one evening it hit me. “Jade you’re stuck, something has to change, you need to push through it, not just push through it, you need to
swing through it the way you do on the golf course, with full commitment”.

 In that moment, it was like a door opened, and the idea of DRVR came to me and filled my mind with endless ideas. It was undoubtedly the clearest vision I have ever had. That evening, I sketched out the logo, my initial concepts, registered the trademark, and realized that the
greatest game ever played had given me the biggest gift of all. Purpose!

DRVR gives me the purpose to get up every day and pursue my passion. DRVR is not just about the game of golf. It’s about pushing through the challenges we face every day, staying calm under pressure, celebrating those amazing accomplishments with friends and family, and giving
back to the sport that has helped me so much. 

I am extremely excited and inspired to take the experience I’ve gained over the years, and went on to create a brand that will make a significant contribution to the greatest game ever played.   

Jade Howe